Active Shooter Preparedness Training

Trainers with Real-World Active Shooter Experience

Meet Your Training Team

Lyle Labardee, MS, LPC – Experienced leading organizational recovery following active shooter incidents in workplaces, and on high school and college campuses. Owner of Amplified Life Network, and Co-Founder of Crisis Care Network.

Rudy Mascorro – Former Detective Sergeant at Holland Police Department, Specialist in Hostage Negotiations and Undercover Operations, and Former SWAT Team member. Partner / Owner of Diversified Protection and Investigations.

David Grover – Former U.S. Navy Seal, SWAT Team Commander and Law Enforcement – Active Shooter Preparedness Trainer.  Owner of Solid Foundation Tactical.     

Ian McQuat – Former British Special Forces, Law Enforcement – Active Shooter Preparedness Trainer, and Specialist in Stress Inoculation Training for SWAT Teams.  STF Associate.

Joel Maat– Holland Police Department Field Training Officer and Evidence Technician, FBI-Qualified Hostage Negotiator. Assists organizations in coordinating law enforcement response to workplace violence. DPI Associate.

Jim Gueder – Former Corporate Security Supervisor with Fortune 500 company, specializes in development of violence prevention policy, personnel training and environmental controls.  DPI Associate.

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We’ll help you achieve the level of violence prevention, and Active Shooter Preparedness that’s right for your organization.   
We also offer a complete, FirstResponse Readiness program designed to help organizations become a “SafePlace” by implementing:
  • Violence Prevention Preparedness,
  • Violence Response Readiness
  • Post-Incident  Recovery Readiness
  • Schools
  • College Campuses
  • Businesses
  • Agencies
  • Community Centers
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Places of Worship
  • Other Organizations

From the Director's Desk

Lyle Labardee, MS, LPCWe count it a privilege and honor to partner with this highly trained team of  law enforcement and security professionals.  With over 25 years of experience responding to, and managing high-profile, large-scale trauma and active-shooter homicides, I can tell you this team is one of the most experienced and elite active shooter preparedness training teams in the US!  We look forward to serving you and your organization.



Lyle Labardee, MS, LPC, BCC

Owner and Director of Amplified Life
Specializing in Serving Public Safety Officers and Other Professionals 

Founder and former CEO of Crisis Care Network
Leading Nationwide Provider  of On-Site Response to Workplace Trauma

Former Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter
Dayton Fire Department / Advanced Life Support Medic 15

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