COVID Safety

Thanks for helping us maintain a healthy counseling space by adhering to the following health and safety protocol:

1. Please attend your session only if you are free of any cold or flu symptoms including but not limited to fever, congestion or cough.

2. Please call Amplified Life's Care Team (616-499-4711) in advance, and request a schedule change or telehealth session if cold or flu symtoms are present or if you are at risk due to close contact with others with symptoms. (Of course, late cancellation fees will, in this case, be waived, and we'll thank-you for your kind consideration of everyones' health.)

3. Please wear a mask, whether vaccinated or not, while waiting for your session to begin or departing from your session. Masks are optional based on personal comfort in private counseling sessions, and where social distance is maintained.

4. Please consider waiting in your vehicle for your session to begin to help support social distancing.