Find the Right Practitioner for You!

Our team of licensed behavioral health therapists and coaches provide a wide array of counseling and coaching services. If English isn't your first language, that's Ok. We offer bi-lingual and translation services as well!

Lyle Labardee, MS, LPC

Lyle Labardee
Director / Therapist | MS, LPC, BCC

Lyle specializes in assisting business & non-profit leaders, public safety professionals and fellow practitioners in overcoming challenges and reaching their goals.

Tyler Higley, MA, LLPC

Tyler Higley
Therapist | MA, LLPC

Tyler specializes in working with young adults and couples around issues involving relationships, work-life balance, career mapping and professional development.

Allyse Fairbanks, MS, LPC

Allyse Host
Therapist | MS, LPC

Allyse specializes in substance abuse and addictions counseling and works with youth and family.  She also provides equine-assisted therapy for youth and adults.

Maggie Sweeney, MA, LLPC

Maggie Sweeney
Therapist | MA, LLPC

Maggie specializes in working with adults, women, and adolescents around issues of personal growth, self-esteem, and grief and loss.

Wade Zeilenga, MA, LLPC

Wade Zeilenga
Therapist | MA, LLPC

Wade has extensive experience as a school counselor working with youth and family, and specializes in substance abuse and addictions counseling.

Susan Labardee
Coach Practitioner

Susan specializes in working with women grappling with relationship issues, family-business issues, work-life balance, and health and wellness goals.

Dr. Ron Vanderbeck
Clinical Psychologist | PsyD, LP

Ron has extensive experience in working with men, is qualified in clinical assessments and brings more than 25 years of clinical practice to those he serves.